Favorite Things Right Now #2

Autumn 2023

Janna Barrett
7 min readDec 6, 2023


Hand lettering by Janna Barrett

This is the second post in a series directly inspired by writer Laura Tremaine. She runs this feature on her podcast, 10 Things to Tell You. This is a seasonal exercise in gratitude for the top 10 things in my life; a way for me to mark my current chapter and to reflect upon some of its highlights.

None of these are affiliate links. In no way is this an advertisement or sponsorship. These are simply things I’m enjoying at the moment, which may or may not be interesting. I’m sharing anyway.

01 — Separation by Balance & Composure

Album art for Separation by Balance & Composure, courtesy of the artist page on Spotify.

This is the album I’ve chosen as the soundtrack for my current chapter of life. It’s only been a little more than a year since I started listening to this artist, but I’ve been devouring their content consistently. (So much, in fact, that they’re my top Spotify artist of the year, and the band behind my top song.)

Something about their sound really resonates with me, especially during autumn and winter. I don’t have the industry vocabulary of a music critic, but I’d describe them as melodic alt-rock with an…



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